Infused Water Recipes You Need In Your Life

5 Recipes That Will Make You Drink More Water
Fit and Thick's favorite infused water recipes for people who struggle with drinking water. Do you hate drinking water? If you do hate drinking water then this post is for you. If you don't hate water, but aren't a huge fan of drinking plain water then this post is for you too. If you're just looking for something fun to do with your...

8 Key Benefits of Adding Lemon Water To Your Diet

8 keys benefits of adding lemon water to your diet
A few years ago one of my good girlfriends put me on to the benefits of drinking lemon water. Ever since learning this information I try to drink a beer mug full of the tonic every morning. I'll write a post about the experience another time, but I even noticed "mucus" breaking up in my body when I did...